Introduce Cao Phong Engineering Trading Co., Ltd.

With experience over 15 years, Cao Phong Engineering Trading Co., Ltd. deeply specialize in the field of air conditioning and ventilation. Our company is leading contractor and one of the pioneers in providing full services to clients: to provide retail and wholesale air conditioning products of all firms: Air ducts, Air distribution devices, trunkings, ladders, cable trays…and one of our most specific product is  Aluminum foil corrugated flexible duct; We also provide technical consultancy and installation for all kind of  air conditioning & ventilating systems, maintenance and repair of clean room equipment: air shower, pass-box ...

Cao Phong has been known as one of the leading manufacturer and provider of industrial refrigeration equipment and electrical contractors the most powerful Vietnam in the fields of technical consultancy, design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems, ventilation and clean rooms for the food processing companies, exporting aquatic products, pharmaceuticals, electronics … In addition to the field of industrial refrigeration, Cao Phong also provides services for buildings, hotels, hospitals and resort air conditioning and ventilation.
In the course of operation, the company Cao Phong always achieve the targets already set. Customer network has been expanded in Ho Chi Minh city and all over the cities and provinces in the country. The claims about the quality and reputation of  Cao Phong Engineering Trading Co., Ltd has pleased all of the most demanding requirements of our customers and make cold brands in the industry of Vietnam.
With a team of engineers, technicians and business staff  trained from famous universities in the country and abroad, Cao Phong company has continuously developed, improved and more professional in our activities.

Sincerely thank to all customers have and will come with Cao Phong !