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Horizontal bead rectangular duct

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Product details

It’s mostly used in ventilation! One segment of standard duct has:
    - L=1120, for ducts which are used TDF35 type. (called TDF duct)
    - L=1130,  
for ducts which are used TDF25 type. (called TDF duct)
    - L=1200, for ducts which are used steel angle type. (called steel angle duct)
    - L=1180, for ducts which are used drive slip type. (called drive slip duct)
* Designation:


               S-RT WxH,L

 S-RT: the abbreviation of straight-rectangular
 W: width (mm)
 H: height (mm)
 L: length (mm)

Important parameters for ordering
    - W,H,L
    - Thickness of iron sheet (if do not follow BME standard), type of sheet (galvanized iron, black iron, stainless steel), color….




    When you order our products, or you want to build a new type. Please give us the exactly notations, dimensions, thickness and type of iron sheet, color. As clear as possible. For example:
    - S-RT 700x400, 1110……………30 pieces
    - EN-RT 700x400,500……………2 pieces
0.6mm galvanized iron sheet, TDF duct.