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Activated Carbon filter

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Brand: KLC

Product details

* Characteristic:
        - The time that the air goes through the activated carbon is more than 0.1 second.
            - We should to clean the powder in the air previously.
            - In order to prevent the carbon’s powder to pollute the ventilation system, it is necessary to install the filter to clean the dust on the back of the Activated Carbon filter
           -  The temperature of air current is less than 500C.
          -  The relative humidity of air current is less than 80%
         -  Should to change the activated carbon filter on time according to the environment.
* Application:
     It is used for dealing with the peculiar smell of air conditioner ventilation system and the contaminative air. Such as volatile organic compound, alkalescent gas, acidic gas, formaldehyde, steam and so on. It is available to combine other filter to form a filter system. The activated carbon filter is suitable for the occasion with big air velocity.
* Technical parameter:
Model Dimension (mm) (WxHxD) Rating velocity (m3/h) Primary resistance
Efficiency Temperature Frame Filtration material
595x595x45 3200  
≤ 50oC
Galvanized steel
595x495x45 2700
595x295x45 1600
495x495x45 2200
295x295x45 800